The Artist Review:

Garth is unfortunately one of the best kept secrets in the guitar world. An amazing guitarist with a great sense of feel and timing and a tone to die for, it's a mystery to me why every guitarist on the planet isn't aware of this guy. Hopefully that will be changing soon because Garth is just putting the finishing touches on a new album (with special guest Robben Ford) that should be coming out soon. Garth plays a rock/jazz influenced blues that is exactly my cup of tea. If I could snap my fingers and suddenly start playing like any guitarist I wanted, I'd choose to sound like Garth. He is definitely the man. Garth is also a recording engineer with his own studio in Berkeley CA, Red Rooster Studio, and teaches guitar when he can find the time. And as if all that weren't enough, he also happens to be one of the nicest people around.

Bill Morgan